Fe’s Coaching Philosophy

At Fe, we keep things simple, elementary. Simple is beautiful. Simple allows focus. Focus is a state – a precious and important one. In this world of smoke and mirrors, it is more important to sift out the fluff and get to the core.

Training with Fe, whether it is your first triathlon or an Ironman, you will first achieve mastery – of mind, body and spirit. Triathlon is an ongoing journey; the training, you would discover, is often sweeter than the race. Training is where you learn about yourself and what you are made of. It is where you discover parts of yourself you never knew existed, both the good and bad. Fe’s coaching philosophy is: Triathlon, apart from how the professionals approach it, is not a sport. It is LIFE. How we train for life is different to how we train for sport. We are interested in numbers, in data, in threshold power, in physiology, and of course, in psychology, BUT numbers often lie. At Fe, we will give you performance knowledge but you, and only you will be the judge of the truth.

Our coaching philosophy stems from our keen observation and examination of the human consciousness, juxtaposed with the state of affairs in our immediate physical environment. We believe that we choose our own paths and are responsible for our own actions. The path that Fe has taken is that of challenging our athletes physically as well as mentally as they take on their chosen paths of training for their events. We believe that our coaching will extend our athletes’ growth as athletes, but more importantly as conscious individuals.

Written by kirstenkoh

True blue terra-rist - a citizen of the world.

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