The Fe Way

Training for a triathlon or other endurance sport requires a certain mindset, a fortitude and perhaps, one might call a way, a code of ethic. At fe, we live by a code. This code, like our philosophy, is simple. In our pursuit of sporting excellence and breaking physical and mental boundaries, we encourage each other to honour this code by incorporating this code into all that we do. We draw our inspiration from surfing, but unlike the stereotypical chilled out surfer dudes that we see out on the beach, we focus on how attuned they are to their bodies, movements as well as the ocean. There are more similarities between surfing and triathlon than most of us would like to believe, so here are the principles we subscribe to at Fe Performance and Multisport.

  1. Flow – We need to strike a balance in every situation so that what we do just flow.
  2. Ditch the unnecessary – Especially the superfluous numbers, gear and technology.
  3. Meditate/Reflect – Learn to be still.
  4. Find your purpose – What rocks your boat? What gets you going? Go do it!
  5. Set a Goal – Here we mean bucket list, so that you can be single minded in your pursuits.
  6. Keep your word – Say what you mean and do what you say, unwavering.
  7. Take destiny into your own hands – Choose your paths and destiny is taken care of.
  8. Honour the good around you – You exist because of this universe. You owe it to give back.

Whether you are doing a 30 minute session or racing a 17-hour ironman, this code will make the finish so much more meaningful. The cool down would be so much more grounding if you met some or all of the code. Imagine a finish line at the end of a flow-filled, unwavering goal-focused racing. That, for any accomplished athlete, is the cherry on the cake – a journey come full circle.

Written by kirstenkoh

True blue terra-rist - a citizen of the world.

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