At Fe Performance and Multisport we coach athletes from all walks of life achieve their fitness and training goals. We specialise in endurance sports: triathlons, running, cycling, swimming.

Why Fe?

Simply, Fe is the symbol of the chemical element, Iron, which incidentally is the prefix of the now popular triathlon race inaugurated in 1978, the Ironman triathlon.

Fe Performance and Multisport provides coaching services that is founded on science and art (data and grace). The science of training is taken care of by the sport and exercise physiology training Kirsten underwent through The University of Tasmania from 2003-2010, which included a Bachelor (with Honours) degree and a Masters degree in biomedical science. The art of training is based on the sport psychology studies Kirsten is currently pursuing through a PhD program at The University of Western Australia.

As a triathlete who is also an accredited exercise physiologist and now undergoing a PhD in Sport Psychology, Kirsten’s training programs are evidence-based and individualised to closely match the athlete’s physiology as well as psychosocial status. These are achieved through a close coaching relationship.


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