A good coach is a good role model and a good mentor. A must-have is the experience of walking the talk. Kirsten Koh doesn’t just walk the talk. She is THE talk.

If you haven’t heard my story, go here and hopefully, you’ll get a feel for me as a coach.

A triathlete, as well as a triathlon coach, I provide the following services in an individualised approach, which means that you can customise my coaching services to meet your training needs.

Coaching services:

  • Triathlon programmes
  • Coaching support
  • Specific session plans
  • Video demonstrations (all year access through login page)
  • Mental skills training (all year access through login page)
  • Race strategies
  • Exercise physiology lessons (all year access through login page)

How it works:

I run three-monthly coaching cycles where my athlete and I properly establish and strategise towards achieving challenging training goals.  I use TrainingPeaks, an online platform to chart training plans and progression. Outside of TrainingPeaks, ongoing discussions are made via social media, email or video conferencing. Athletes will be provided with a longterm training plan as well as week to week session plans that are designed to meet their training/fitness/health goals.

Get your training program on TrainingPeaks, access to online coaching support as well as an online members-only training group now.

BirthdayCoffee& Chill

In preparation for Sundown Marathon 2018, in Singapore, I am offering a True Grit Training Programme. Over 10 weeks starting on Sunday 11th March 2018, I will provide specific training sessions, physical exercises and mental skills to help marathon and half marathon runners the best chance to achieve their best times. (Note: This programme is exclusive to women in 2018. It will be open to both men and women after this year’s race.)

There are no such thing as too slow, too old, too fat, et cetera. Whether your aim is to get faster or go longer, I will work my hardest with you to achieve your goals. Let’s get coaching!

Copy of How to prepare for Sundown 2018 (7)

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