A good coach is a good role model and a good mentor. A must-have is the experience of walking the talk. What sets the coaches at Fe Performance and Multisport apart from others is their ability to relate on a personal and individualised manner.

Coaching services:

  • Triathlon programmes
  • Coaching support
  • Specific session plans for newbies
  • Video demonstrations
  • Mental skills training
  • Race strategies
  • Exercise physiology lessons

How it works:

We use Training Peaks, an online platform that allows athletes and coaches to communicate training plans and progression. Outside of Training Peaks, ongoing discussion are made via social media, email or video conferencing. Athletes will be provided with a longterm training plan as well as week to week session plans that are designed to meet your training/fitness/health goals.

Get your three-month training program on Training Peaks, access to online coaching support as well as online training group by clicking below.

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There are no such thing as too slow, too old, too fat, et cetera. Whether your aim is to get faster or go longer, Kirsten Koh and her team at Fe Performance and Multisport will work with you to achieve your goals.

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