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The FeChallenge is where we find ourselves.

Every so often, we would set ourselves a personal challenge. We would then train single-mindedly for it and then meet it. However, a challenge that only extends our personal abilities without bettering what is around us seems a little to self-focused. This is why we have set up a FeChallenge. It is a challenge that sees you grow as a person, but at the same time lifts someone else up or gives back to our community/environment.

In the past, we had challenges of 2.5 hours of doing something continuously (read: doggedly). It could be something that you are learning to do. For some of us it could be learning to swim. Over a period of time, maybe a couple of months, that would be our focus – learning the stroke and perfecting it, synchronising our timing, centering our minds – to achieve our goal in a balanced, unwavering and beautiful way. Of course, the FeChallenge might also be 2.5 days, 2.5 weeks. You decide how long you think you would need to uncover the real YOU.

How it works:

The FeChallenge is open to anyone who is interested in bettering themselves in a physical way because we believe that the gateway to learning more about ourselves is that tiny passageway that is only opened enough to peek through when our bodies are empty. It is simple. You set the challenge, we support you by providing a training program that is generally 3 months in length. Bigger challenges might take longer so be sure to pick the right program at the bottom.

We also encourage those who are seeking to FeChallenge themselves to organise a small group of likeminded friends to do it together because energies rub off each other. Plus it is more fun. It is easy to organise. Get a few friends together and say, “Right, we are doing this!” Or we could help you get started. Simply fill out the form below with details of your FeChallenge and we will help get you to the startline of your FeChallenge by providing a 3-month training program that is customised to your goal. The cost of this programme is A$179 and is payable upon check out. You will be pleased to know that 10% of our takings will go to a charity on our list of supported organisations, so you are already making an impact when you sign up for your FeChallenge.

After submitting your idea, please proceed to the payment page by clicking on the links below.

3-month FeChallenge – A challenge that will give you a sense of achievement without a foreboding sense of doom)

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6-month FeChallenge – This is the sort of challenge that will require some focused commitment (or committed focus).

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12-month FeChallenge – Now, this is gonna be huge! Be prepared to say hello to your real YOU at the end of this challenge!

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Congratulations on getting your FeChallenge set up. You will be sent a starter pack with a training program as well as a free account with TrainingPeaks within 3-5 working days to help you achieve your FeChallenge goal.