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Welcome back current athletes!

I hope you are enjoying your training so far! If you are looking to update your payment, please use this link:

3-monthly coaching

Payment for 3-monthly coaching and support for triathlon, or individual disciplines (running, swimming, cycling).


If you are part of True Grit @ Sundown Marathon Singapore 2018 and are playing for your package in instalments, please use this link:

True Grit Program (Sundown, Weeks 1-3)

Payment 1 of 3. This training program is designed to refine your physical and mental preparation for the Sundown Marathon held in Singapore on 19th May 2018. Included in the coaching package are running specific exercises, TrainingPeaks account, exclusive members-only Facebook group access and pre-race event to meet and greet your coach!



True Grit Program (Sundown, Weeks 4-6)

Payment 2 of 3



True Grit Training Program (Sundown, Weeks 7-10)

Payment 3 of 3