We specialise in individualised programmes customised to meet your needs.

January 2012: Physical in the water






Whether you are aiming to complete your first triathlon, a 10, 21 or 42 km running event, or whether you have your eyes set on riding a century, let us help you achieve your goals safely and to the best of your abilities.


Programs are three-month packages and include:

Initial consultation – A$75

  • Assessment of fitness levels, lifestyle and commitments, as well as time trials, specific strength and mobility tests, threshold tests, and psychological assessments where necessary.

Three-months coaching – A$179 (approximately A$15 per week)

  • includes individualised day-to-day training program through Training Peak. Catered for changes in fitness levels, time schedules, work and family commitments and health changes.
  • Weekly correspondence is included as part of ongoing coaching support.

Weekly correspondence (part of package)

  • Emails and video conferencing throughout the 3 months will be integral part of the success of the coaching program. Coaching updates and directions will be provided in personal yet professional manner.