Sign Up for True Grit

Copy of How to prepare for Sundown 2018 (4)10 weeks of training support, coaching, mental skills training, mobility exercises, exclusive Facebook group membership, and a members-only event before your big day.

TrainingPeaks is a state-of-the-art online platform that allows you to chart your training progress for any sport. I have used it for several years and I can attest to its effectiveness. As an athlete under my coaching books, you will receive a 10-week training programme. These customised programmes typically cost $79-$99 per 10-week block.

Mental skills is regularly practiced amongst high-performing athletes. As an exercise scientist who has worked with countless regular folk to sporting and fitness success, and who has herself relied on several key approaches to developing mental toughness and mental agility, you will receive 10 key topics to help kickstart your motivation, set meaningful goals, develop resilience but most importantly, rediscover your aptitude for self-compassion. These mental skills are priceless and can be used for your day-to-day dealings as well as in any social interactions – highly valuable. Put it another way, with the above mental skills, one would struggle to get through any given day in our fast-paced society. Are you struggling to get through your training, or your day, on a regular basis? If so, this programme is for you.

Social support is an immeasurable resource. Once you’ve joined the program, you will have access to the Facebook Group where you will get to know other members, get daily motivation or training tips, and even arrange to meet for training runs! You’ll never feel alone in your marathon journey!

Lastly, your registration to this program will entitle you to a members-only event pre-race where you’ll get to meet other True Grit runners and get any last minute words of encouragement and wisdom from the foremost True Grit runner, coach and your most avid supporter.

The cost of the programme can be paid in three easy instalments of SGD28 or in one payment of SGD78.