What happens after you signed up?

I specialise in individualised programmes customised to meet your training needs.



Whether you are aiming to complete your first triathlon, a 10, 21 or 42 km running event, or whether you have your eyes set on completing an Ironman, let me help you achieve your goals safely and to the best of your abilities.


Most typical programs are three-month packages and include:

Initial consultation (part of package)

  • Assessment of fitness levels, lifestyle and commitments, as well as time trials, specific strength and mobility tests, threshold tests, and psychological assessments where necessary.

Three-months coaching

  • includes individualised day-to-day training program through TrainingPeaks. Catered for changes in fitness levels, time schedules, work and family commitments and health changes.
  • Weekly correspondence is included as part of ongoing coaching support.

Weekly correspondence (part of package)

  • Emails and video conferencing throughout the 3 months will be integral part of the success of the coaching program. Coaching updates and directions will be provided in personal yet professional manner.

A special training program is available for individuals preparing for the Sundown Marathon Singapore. If you are a novice runner or a late runner, you need this program!

True Grit @ Sundown Marathon Singapore 2018

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